Interact with the permafrost community.

The Open Discussion is a powerful tool for the site's administrators, useful for discussing with the users the possible improvements of the APD and for probing their tendency towards new ideas or solutions.

But mostly is a powerful tool for APD users, that allows quick interactions with the permafrost community. Each user can:

- exchange ideas

- ask technical questions

- propose projects or collaborations

- or whatever... just in one click.

Each APD user can reply the discussion and be informed every time a new comment is posted.

Discussions are public so (i) site's visitors can read posts and related comments without registration and (ii) the web search-engines can index the contents and assign the search keys.

Only registered users can actively participate to the discussion.

The APD users are kindly encouraged to use the Open Discussion tool for sharing and discuss their ideas.


For any question about the use of the Open Discussion, please, post a comment below so it will be visible to the community.

Post of new comments is allowed only to registered users