The Alpine Permafrost Database is open and available for downloading.

For each evidence submitted to the database, the data provider can choose between 2 policy options:
1) "Inform when download occurs": the database will send an email to the data provider when a download occur.
2) "Usage without restriction": the data provider will not be informed when a download occur.

The dataset download is allowed only to registered users.
Is possible to download only the whole datasets (Punctual Evidence or Rock Glacier Inventory),
neither subset nor specific evidence types.

The downloading procedure asks the user to provide information on the intended use of the data and publication plans.
If a data provider feels that should be acknowledged or wants to participate as author, it will put in contact with the user
and is assumed that an agreement on such matters will be reached prior to publishing and/or use the data for publication.

The APD datasets are released once per year with a Versioning Number and Release Notes.
The Versioning Number must always be cited in the publications and Release Notes carefully read.

When publishing a paper using APD data, please acknowledge the agencies that supported the evidence collection and maintaining.