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What is a permafrost evidence?

Is a direct or indirect proof of the presence or absence of permafrost in a specific location obtained by field measures and observations. The Alpine Permafrsot Database (APD) collects Rock Glacier Inventories and the following Permafrost evidence:

- Boreholes Temperature (BH)
- Ground Surface Temperature (GST)
- Surface Movement in periglacial areas (SM)
- Results of Geophysical Prospecting
- Perennial-ice in rock-fall scars, trenches or construction sites

- Other indirect permafrost evidence

- Rock Glaciers Inventories...

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Guidelines for data upload

The insertion of a new Permafrost Evidence is allowed only after registration and login

There are 3 ways to add a new evidence: (i) Home page go on the link "Add a new permafrost evidence", in the upper right corner (ii) Evidence Map menu click on "Add new evidence" iii) Evidence Map menu click on "My Evidence" and then click on the "+" button in the lower left corner of the table. 

The insertion form has 4 tabs: (i) Metadata, (ii) Borehole Data, (iii) Ground Surface Temperature Data, (iv) Surface Movement.  Tabs can be active or inactive based on the type of evidence you are submitting.

Tooltips: each field of the insertion form has a tooltip (help text) ...

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Data policies

The Alpine Permafrost Database is open and available for downloading.

For each evidence submitted to the database, the data provider can choose between 2 policy options:
1) "Inform when download occurs": the database will send an email to the data provider when a download occur.
2) "Usage without restriction": the data provider will not be informed when a download occur.

The dataset download is...

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